About a Bride Weddings & Events, Inc

About a Bride Weddings and Events has the vision and understanding that each wedding is a symphony in the making. The combination of the right instruments and rhythm – as well as the right conductor – brings harmony to those ears listening and eyes watching…

The story unfolds and begins with the prelude that dances from the bride’s heart and the shared vision with her future husband. This rhythm is infused with the wonderful notes of excitement, creativity and togetherness. There are overtures of your own personal touch of spice coupled with elegance, uniqueness and fun. The aria that develops – the song of About a Bride and her groom – is one that is beautifully orchestrated.

What more beautiful scenery and the makings of a story is there than a bride walking down the aisle to meet her future husband, the beauty of a bunch of pink peonies, the music that comes from the blessing of a first kiss as husband and wife, the look of bountiful white orchids, or the lights that shine on the couple as they dance….It’s About a Bride on her day.

About Ellen

…six years experience in the organizational and management fields with the last four years focusing on the wedding industry.

…an eye for the beautiful, creativity that never stays in the box, and a calming presence for those anxious moments.

…a love for all things wedding and an energy that doesn’t quit

…graduated and certified from the Bridal Consultant Program at the Professional Career Development Institute (2004)

In addition, I’ve been there: I know what it’s like to plan a wedding – from a bride’s perspective. I planned my wedding in about 7 months AND in a different country!
Yes, I like a challenge!

With a energetic spirit hailing from New York City and love of details unearthed from ‘the story’, I find enjoyment in the story of the scenery, especially those that come alive from the unexpected yet reassuring details of romance, love, hope and the excitement of an anticipated future.

I would enjoy helping you to orchestrate your wedding! Whether it’s in the management of all the details or in making those details come alive!

My role is to make it all About a Bride and her vision. Her story.

I believe your engagement period is very special! It’s a time where you continue to learn about each other and it can be an amazing time to grow and laugh with each other. As your wedding consultant, I really want you to value this time and enjoy planning your wedding. Allow me to work out the details and you just worry about the time you spend together! After all, wouldn’t you rather have a “heated discussion” about what was the most fabulous date you’ve shared instead of how to seat your guests?

How about actually being the bride at your own wedding…?

About a Bride will get you there beautifully.


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