January 28, 2009

Best Wedding Proposals…

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in my opinion….

yes, that’s what I am doing on this wintry, snowy day in Ontario! 🙂 Enjoy…

From the air…


A really charming and unique proposal…

Definitely and completely unexpected!! Love that factor…(a little bit long but the “surprise” is worth it)…

Got any you want to share?



  1. letters2soulmate said,

    i love wedding proposal stories! stay warm up there in ontario- i imagine it’s much colder than Boston

  2. aboutabride said,

    Yes, same here! Loving wedding proposals too — it comes with territory! 🙂
    Btw, I’ve lived in Boston for about 7 years and that is where I met my husband. And yes, more snow and much colder! But its all in Celsius so that I don’t know really how cold it is!! 🙂
    You too – stay warm!
    – Ellen

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