October 1, 2008

Awesome Movie about Marriage….

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Obviously, the wedding comes first….but after that, the two of you have a marriage to build. And from personal experience, no matter who you are or what your background is/was, this takes a lot of work, patience, love, grace and encouragement.

I recently found out that a Christian movie, called Fireproof, came out last weekend. It’s about strengthening your marriage and putting the right priorities in place. The tagline: “Caleb is an amazing fireman. But is it too late to fireproof his marriage? His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt is ready to face his toughest job ever…rescuing his wife’s heart”.

Since I found out that this small-indi-film was only playing for a week in a very limited number of theatres, my husband and I went to the late show, driving the 45 mins past Buffalo. AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT! There was only one other couple in the theatre, but, it was an amazing movie — it makes you laugh and it will definitely make you cry tears of both sadness and joy!

If you happen to miss it this week, be sure to rent it when it comes out on DVD!

Here is what people had to say (from the website):

“I’ve spent my entire life trying to win in two different pro sports. What I appreciate about FIREPROOF is that it’s an entertaining and challenging reminder of what it takes to win in marriage!”
Joe Gibbs, Owner, Joe Gibbs Racing

“Amazing! Action-packed, heartwarming, and a great resource to help strengthen and affirm marriages!”
Dr. Gary Smalley, author of Change Your Heart, Change Your Life

“FIREPROOF is an excellent film that makes marriage-commitment real and attainable with Christ’s grace.”
Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, Archdiocese of Louisville

“On top of a powerful message and the potential to change lives and marriages, this is one great movie!”
Bubba Cathy, Senior Vice President, Chick-fil-A

For movie times and locations, http://www.fireproofthemovie.com


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