September 30, 2008

…The Fall Wedding

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So as we can all tell, the weather is changing and Fall has arrived. Along with the exhilarating chill in the air, we are blessed with fabulously rich colours of purples, reds, golds, orange and browns! Many couples decide to use this amazing array of design as inspiration for their weddings.

And in tribute, here are some pictures of A Fall Wedding…..

Did you know that September is the most popular month for weddings? 14% of weddings take place during this month, followed by the third most popular month, October, at 12%. (In case you are wondering, June is the second most popular at 13%).

This month, on some of my blog posts, I will highlight this beautiful wedding season.



  1. mochamom04 said,

    I absolutely love your post about the Fall wedding. I am a stay at home mom, turned weekend wedding coordinator, and I am looking for a few good ideas for a wedding coming up this fall. The bride has great ideas, but I am just looking to add some “umf” to what she has in mind. The pics are beautiful. I have some great ideas now!

  2. aboutabride said,

    Hi Tonya! Thanks so much! I am glad to have “helped”. I looked at your blog — you have some great money saving links! How do you find all those?

    Being a wedding coordinator is awesome huh? Where are you located? Do you have a website?

    Hope you keep reading my blog!

    – Ellen

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